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The Roadie #1 Review: A Nostalgic and Metal First Issue for Horror Fans

The Roadie #1 Review: A Nostalgic and Metal First Issue for Horror Fans

The Roadie #1 Review: A Nostalgic and Metal First Issue for Horror Fans

Hello, again dear reader. By this time in our relationship you no doubt have some questions. Obviously, there is an attraction here. I mean, I’m a somewhat tall chubby dude with almost all of his hair and you like reading about people reading comics. We were bound to meet at some point. But we have progressed to the point that we want to know more about one another. About our pasts. For example, how has Tom Cruise wronged you? And yes, I used to do music.

So the world of The Roadie hits pretty close to home. If I had a dime for every time I was doing a show in some dive bar while also trying to fight off the forces of the devil well, let’s just say I would not have to delve into the lucrative world of comic book reviews let me tell you. But enough about me, let’s talk about why you are really here and that’s Dark Horse‘s The Roadie #1!

The Roadie #1 Review: A Nostalgic and Metal First Issue for Horror Fans

This book has everything. The story is written by Tim Seeley who nails the main character Joe D. A roadie who in past has dabbled in the darkest arts and is now fighting the good fight against boring live performances. The art is beautifully handled by Fran Galan who also provided the cover art.

The art is exciting and colored beautifully and gives an energy to the book that feels anime-esque and that isn’t a bad thing at all. The panel layout and the energy given to each scene make this book feel action-packed while in actuality this is mostly a story-driven book and that is thanks to Seely’s excellent storytelling and lettering done by El Torres rounds out this remarkable creative team.

Our story begins like most of our twenties, in a shady nightclub, backstage where groupies try to “meet” the talent. We see one of these groupies being pushed away by a completely over it security guard as the lead singer and the greatest roadie in the biz walk by. We learn that this is not just some run-of-the-mill stagehand but the most in-demand road crew member in the entire god damned music industry. And for good reason.

We learn that he not only does all the normal nothings you would expect a roadie to do, such as tune the guitars, set up the stages, and the like but also handles the occasional dispatching of the army of darkness unwittingly summoned by the occasion chorus sung at the wrong time. He has been in the game for a while and he is good at what he does, but when an incident from his past finally catches up to him, Joe is forced to step up and do the right thing not only for his sake and ours but for the daughter he never knew he had.

This book is fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough, however, if you are going to pick this one up then bring your spare ass because it will rock yours clean off. You’re welcome.

Tom Fernandez
Tom Fernandez

Thomas Fernandez was born in the untamed wilds of Arizona where he learned to hunt the wild street taco and perform the ancient tribal dance of twerking. He is now raising a son to follow in his footsteps and destroy the evil Cruisian Empire.

Source: Dark Horse

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