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Reviewed by Weird - The Legend of Sparkledog: Don't Say OwO #1

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Reviewed by Weird – The Legend of Sparkledog: Don’t Say OwO #1

Reviewed by Weird – The Legend of Sparkledog: Don’t Say OwO #1

Reviewed by Weird – The Legend of Sparkledog: Don’t Say OwO #1

Sometimes, writers write what they know.  Sometimes, writers write the kind of story that will sell millions of copies.  And sometimes, writers will come up with an idea so incredibly strange, bizarre, and weird, that it should never see the light of day. 

But sometimes, those incredibly strange and bizarre ideas escape out into the world and become stories like The Legend of Sparkledog.

The Legend of Sparkledog #1: Don’t Say OwO follows the story of our genderfluid protagonist Quinn who decides to purchase a fursuit from a very questionable website. Once the fursuit arrives, Quinn discovers that the suit might be the one wearing them.  Join Quinn on a bizarre multi-genre adventure as they try to collect the Four Crystal Paw Pads to bring peace back into the world…or are they?

Right from the start, Quinn is a character that everyone can relate to.  I mean, who hasn’t ordered something dumb they shouldn’t have off of the internet?  This story quickly goes from being about an irresponsible teen to a poor soul that cannot escape the harsh words of society, even in their own home. 

You see Quinn’s struggle between helping this strange new creature that’s come into their home and trying to make sure they don’t do anything to draw any extra attention to themselves.  

This wonderfully bizarre tale comes from the mind of Chad Perkins, writer of Blu Lullaby, And Nobody Drew the Bagel, and many more fantastic stories.  While most writers come up with ideas they consider too wild and outlandish and blow them off, Chad will take those stories and craft incredible tales filled with emotion and feeling. 

He will take any idea, no matter how crazy it sounds, and turn it into something you’d be crazy not to read, and The Legend of Sparkledog is no exception!  Grab a copy for yourself here.

Chris Dailey
Chris Dailey

A jack of many trades, but a master of none, Chris dabbles in many nerdy hobbies including toy collecting, reading comics, writing fiction, reading novels, and playing video games.  He’s also a huge wrestling fan, and knows more about it than most normal people should.  

When he’s not writing or hosting podcasts for Geek Network, he can be found listening to podcasts and hanging out with his wife, his two daughters, and his little dog Gertie.

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