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GrymWyrd Omnibus: Poe, Carroll, & Lovecraft Meets 80s B-Movies

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GrymWyrd Omnibus: Poe, Carroll, & Lovecraft Meets 80s B-Movies in New Tabletop RPG

GrymWyrd Omnibus: Poe, Carroll, & Lovecraft Meets 80s B-Movies in New Tabletop RPG

GrymWyrd Omnibus: Poe, Carroll, & Lovecraft Meets 80s B-Movies in New Tabletop RPG

For the last three years, self-proclaimed horror fiction expert Zack Allen and Germany’s top statblock scientist Patrick Rehse have worked tirelessly to bring to you the GrymWyrd Omnibus!  An ode to 5E horror gaming that will bring the weird to your tabletop sessions in ways only the most depraved could dare dream up!  This new hardcover gaming tome packs more brain frying, psychedelic horror than your average drab and dreadful supplement, and bites harder than a mouthful of gravel!  This ain’t your daddy’s Grimdark…this is GrymWyrd!

GrymWyrd Omnibus

The GrymWyrd Omnibus is best described as tossing the works of Edgar Allen Poe, Lewis Carroll, William Blake, & H.P. Lovecraft into an 80’s B-Movie blender, tossing in an extra dose of lab-grade LSD, a dash of Regan’s vomit, and a few deep-fried tentacles just for flavor.  To put it another way: it’s a fresh expression of the strangest themes found within the Gothic, Folk, Cosmic, Paranormal, and Body Horror genres – stripping and blending them together in maddeningly unique ways that will be sure to leave a lasting impression of deliciously disturbing fun upon your table.

This omnibus is a collection of GrymWyrd Tales volumes 1 – 4 and makes them available in print for the first time ever! Originally only released as digital zines, these adventures will be re-examined, polished up, and presented in glorious color for you to keep on your shelf! In addition to the original four tales, we will also be adding two brand-new GrymWyrd Tales to the mix! These previously unreleased adventures will pack a wallop of cosmic-infused folk horror. 

Also included will be some shorter Plug’n’Play scenarios called Unsettling Scenarios, which will be shorter than the GrymWyrd Tales and designed more around being inserted into a session, rather than being the reason for it. We have a few of them written for the book already, and more will be available to be unlocked as stretch goals. 

We will also be including Errol’s Ever-Expanding Evil Emporium which will showcase new content, including: Dark Secrets & Triste Trinkets, new rules for using Black Magic and two new schools of weird magic – Galvanism & Sanguimancy – plus a host of Occult Artifacts & Arcane Relics.

This section will also include conversion rules for our previously released Deck of Ruin & Revelation for Mörk Borg  + some fun lore tidbits that will explore the fictitious fictions known as The Book of Foul Truths & Miraculous Lies by the mad priest Lazarus Crowley, and The Kings in Ivory by infamous author L. Stack Higgins.

If you’re looking for new player options, we’ve got you covered there with a whole host of new content, all inspired by weird gothic-victorian horror and genre fiction. Lineages such as Grave Dwarves, Blood Elves, Caulsight Halflings, Cryptic Humans, & more + a new creepy archetype for each existing 5e class. Not to mention a whole new Inquisitor class designed by Zac Goins. 

To round out the omnibus, we will include a truly robust Menagerie of Horrors so that you can include plenty of strangely sinister creatures in your GrymWyrd adventures. Over 50 new horror-inspired strange monsters and other creepy creatures to capture the true essence of “what the f*ck?”

If you or someone you know are looking to make their next tabletop 5E adventure a little more creepy and “wyrd”, head on over to the Kickstarter right now and grab yourself a copy of the GrymWyrd Omnibus today!

Chris Dailey
Chris Dailey

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When he’s not writing or hosting podcasts for Geek Network, he can be found listening to podcasts and hanging out with his wife, his two daughters, and his little dog Gertie.

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