Charlize Theron, Andy Muschietti, and Barbara Muschietti Producing THE FINAL GIRL Series Adaptation for HBO Max.

THE FINAL GIRL Series Adaptation

Actress Charlize Theron (Monster, Mad Max: Fury Road), director Andy Muschietti (It franchise, Mama) and writer/producer Barbara Muschietti (Mama, It, The Flash) have joined forces to produce the The Final Girl Series Adaptation for HBO Max. The TV series is based on Grady Hendrix’s upcoming horror novel The Final Girl Support Group.

Deadline reports, “The novel’s title refers to a Los Angeles–based therapeutic support group for six “final girls”— survivors of mass-murderer rampages whose experiences inspired the slasher franchises that saturated horror cinema in the 1980s and ’90s, earning them minor celebrity.”

Andy Muschietti is set to direct the pilot. Theron, AJ Dix, Beth Kono and Andrew Haas will executive produce for Denver & Delilah Films, along with Barbara and Andy Muschietti and Irene Yeung for Double Dream and Adam Goldworm for Aperture Entertainment. Hendrix also will serve as an executive producer.

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