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The Bikeriders Trailer Features Hardy and Butler as members of “The Vandals”

The Bikeriders Trailer Features Hardy and Butler as members of “The Vandals”

20th Century Studios recently unveiled the trailer for their upcoming film, The Bikeriders. Set in a fictional 1960s town, the highly-anticipated movie follows the thrilling journey of Johnny (Tom Hardy) and Benny (Austin Butler) as they lead a biker club known as the Vandals. The trailer begins with Johnny nostalgically recounting the formation of the gang and the strong sense of camaraderie that ensued.

Amidst the backdrop of their biker lifestyle, the plot takes a romantic turn when Kathy (Jodie Comer) crosses paths with Benny and falls deeply in love with him. Despite their intense connection, Kathy naively hopes to reform Benny from his violent ways. However, the trailer reveals a pivotal moment when Benny becomes involved in a bar fight, leading Johnny and the Vandals to set the establishment ablaze. As the biker gang delves into increasingly perilous and illicit activities, tensions rise.

The film is directed by Jeff Nichols, known for his work on films like Loving, Midnight Special, and Mud, The Bikeriders weaves a fictional narrative inspired by Danny Lyon‘s 1968 photography book of the same name. The film premiered at the Telluride Film Festival with overwhelmingly positive reviews. The film will next be screened at the upcoming London Film Festival in October.

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Aside from Hardy, Butler, and Comer, The Bikeriders boasts a talented ensemble cast including Michael Shannon, Mike Faist, Boyd Holbrook, and Norman Reedus.

The Bikeriders will be released in theaters on December 1, 2023. Check out the trailer below:

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