TechlandGG will offer in-game rewards and exclusive content to the Techland community for playing Techland games.


TechlandGG or Techland Gamer and Goodies was brought to life today during the first episode of Dying 2 Know on Techland‘s official channel that is dedicated to showing off behind the scenes of Dying Light 2.

The new hub’s dedication will be to the community around all of Techland’s previous, current and upcoming titles. It will offer exclusive… well, goodies that can’t be found anywhere else. After signup, you will be granted VIP access to updates, secrets & mysteries plus some awesome in-game rewards like The Wasp! The Wasp is an exclusive axe that is inspired by Dying Light 2. All you have to do is create an account and enjoy your new zombie carving tool.

dl1 thewasp

You can also redeem codes and track your stats, which is very similar to what we see from Ubisoft Connect, and honestly, I am not sure why more studios haven’t jumped on board a program like this. Once you join the TechlandGG community, you will be able to earn XP and level up your account that will get you special bonus unlocks as you complete in-game challenges and “real life” challenges. Let me elaborate, you won’t have to go outside and parkour off a rooftop with your homemade machete, but you can complete “real life” tasks by logging in to TechlandGG, or watching a trailer on Techland’s Youtube channel.

This is pretty impressive for a starting point as Techland plans to expand the XP system by allowing members to gain XP in other ways that include easter eggs and special content on social media. Well there you have it, geeks, this sounds pretty darn awesome and Techland has really come to life as of late with all the sweet updates and announcements. We are definitely on board and looking forward to hearing, and seeing more.

Sign up for TechlandGG here!

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