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SUPER SCOUTS THE COLLECTED EDITION: A Group Of TV Heroes Get The Opportunity To Be REAL Heroes In This Indie Series Full Of Intergalactic Awesomeness

SUPER SCOUTS THE COLLECTED EDITION: A Group Of TV Heroes Get The Opportunity To Be REAL Heroes In This Indie Series Full Of Intergalactic Awesomeness


Super Scouts The Collected Edition is an indie project live on Kickstarter right now. Having reached its funding already, and seasoned veteran and series creator already having completed the book ahead of time, this is the perfect time to jump on this to get someone something fun, unique, and absolutely kick-ass for the holidays. The series was created/written by Ryan Little with art by Bruno Oliveira and letters by Nikki Powers, this creator superteam has banded together to bring us what they call a super sentai parody.

In Super Scouts:

“Twenty years ago, Super Scouts was a hit super sentai TV show. After decades of fame, reboots, and reunion specials, the show has taken a toll on its four original cast members who have since gone their separate ways. Each of them has built a new life, but Seth knows most of all that, deep down, they all still have one foot in the past. Seth, the former red scout, runs a Super Scouts themed memorabilia shop, James, the former green scout, stars in the unofficial “adult” parody films “Sexy Scouts”, Meredith, the former pink scout, is a fitness personality, and Willie, the former blue scout, is the head of Scoutology, a super scouts themed “self-help” group that…looks a lot like a cult.”

“When the group is reunited for a 20th-anniversary special, the team must band together to confront hidden challenges, bad blood between them, and the ghosts of their pasts to unlock Super Scout powers of their very own and confront Lord Darkness. “

Little had this to say of the project:

“I like to think of this book as an homage/parody of all things Super Sentai, I say that because we’re homage FIRST. This story is mirror matches, suit upgrades, and all the glorious things you expect from a Super Sentai story. But it’s also a parody – it’s also fun! This series has all the great emotional moments I expect from a creator-owned indie comic. And it does it WITHOUT losing all the things that make Super Sentai fun.”

In what is reminiscent of the fabulous film Galaxy Quest I see Little has definitely created something special in its own right while paying homage to some pop culture icons. It’s a fun take on some of the more laughable aspects of these genres, but it’s not all laughs. In the preview pages below you can see that the series also gives us witty dialogue courtesy of Little and it’s taken out of this world (no pun intended, well… maybe a little) with Oliveira’s art. The series packs a hell of a punch and as Little said, “This book is an homage/parody of all things Super Sentai for both the casual Power Rangers fan AND the tokusatsu die hard.”

It takes only a few seconds to see when a team puts their heart into a project, and with Super Scouts, whether a homage or a parody, the one thing you can see is that this was created by fans that enjoyed these genres, and its something that you can instantly relate to when reading Super Scouts. Can this group reach the heroic heights they did when they portrayed these heroes 20 years ago? Find out for yourself by visiting the official Kickstarter page before November 9th, 2021, and secure your copy of the collected edition that is a whopping 105 pages. Check out the Kickstarter project page and preview below:


Source: Super Scouts/Kickstarter

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