Steven Spielberg Casts Actor to Play His Younger Self in His Next Film Project

Steven Spielberg movie

Steven Spielberg‘s search for the actor that will play his younger self has come to an end. Newcomer Gabriel LaBelle has been cast to play the young Spielberg.

Spielberg’s new film is loosely based on his childhood. LaBelle joins Paul Dano (Love & Mercy, The Batman), who is playing a character inspired by Spielberg’s father; Michelle Williams, who is taking on a role inspired by Spielberg’s mom; and Seth Rogen, who will play Spielberg’s favorite uncle. They are all said to have a separate and original voice.

Spielberg co-wrote the script with Tony Kushner (Munich, Lincoln). This is the first time that Spielberg has worked on a script for a film since 2001’s sci-fi film A.I. This is a super personal project for him, so it makes sense that he would be heavily involved with the writing process.

Spielberg has spoken of his time growing up in Arizona being an inspiration for many of his films ranging from story themes to characters. As an Arizona native, I am very curious to see how he explores that.

Production on the film starts this summer and is eyeing a 2022 release.

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