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Starward Industries’ The Invincible Is An Immersive Sci-Fi Experience That Focuses On Decision-Making and Discovery

Starward Industries’ The Invincible Is An Immersive Sci-Fi Experience That Focuses On Decision-Making and Discovery

Starward Industries’ The Invincible Is An Immersive Sci-Fi Experience That Focuses On Decision-Making and Discovery

Starward Industries is currently hard at work developing The Invincible. The first-person sci-fi thriller looks to give players a compelling, narrative-focused game accompanied by stunning visuals that aim to bring slower-paced gameplay that will allow players to truly enjoy the desolate landscapes while being immersed in the game’s story.

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Under the lead of Starward‘s CEO Marek Markuszewski, the studio looks to bring to life its first title in The Invincible with a talented team that has previously worked for studios such as CD Projekt Red, Techland, and Bloober Team. The team was carefully selected by Markuszewski with their focus being the quality of The Invincible and the player’s experience.

The Invincible originated from writer, futurologist, and philosopher Stainshaw Lem who wrote the novel the game will be based on, As Markuszewski puts it:

The game we are developing is based on a book written by an extraordinary writer, Stanisław Lem. To be precise,  his book “The Invincible”, which contains a strong anti-imperialist message, is the source material for our game. Lem is known all over the world, especially for hard s / f fans. He was a futurologist, philosopher, and creator of stunning ideas. His literature touched upon the dilemmas of all mankind.
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As far as what players will actually be tasked with. Players can expect all the tasks you commonly see while in space exploration including checking, verifying, and discovering using atompunk tools to drive a vehicle. Markuszewski goes on to share the most important aspect, saying:

“Most of all they will make important plot decisions, creating relationships with characters and discovering the secret of Regis III.”

Markuszewski also adds that the game is meant to take you on a unique and meaningful journey but won’t necessarily consume your time for weeks, saying:

The Invincible is not a game that will engage your time for weeks. We are going to create a compact experience that’s really immersive and one that gives a captivating emotional and intellectual experience. The player will follow the story of the game in a linear way, but we are also preparing side threads too. We also want to give freedom with the many decisions one will make, and the directions one will take. During the game, the player will ask as many meaningful questions as he / she will also answer. 

We hope that all dialogue choices the player will face also will contribute to their own internal reflections and grow their knowledge. We also want players to have another go at the story, to replay it, but with different choices and decisions so that they can see the different reactions of characters from the world of “The Invincible”.
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For those players that may be concerned about the pacing of The Invincible, Markuszewski assures us that this is meant to embellish the story being told, saying:

Our story takes place on a strange, unknown planet, but it might as well be based on facts and take place in some unfamiliar corner of the Earth where human aspirations and pride face something beyond our strength, beyond our means. So the pace of events will change depending on the events that happen to the player, just like in life.

Markuszewski goes further into detail for those who might be on the fence about The Invincible, saying:

I would say: would you like to take a deep look at humankind in a way that might revise your perception of our species? In that case, find yourself on Regis III.  “The Invincible” is not only meant to entertain. it’s meant to be a meaningful immersive experience as well.

The adventure that we invite players to is based on the iconic book of Stanisław Lem. The story will bring a range of thoughts, doubts, and feelings. Hard s/f is mixing with a nostalgic atmosphere and adventure. We believe that we are offering players something unique, bringing to game dev world new and important ideas.
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Lastly, Markuszewski shares that this is not a traditional jumpscare horror experience but players can expect feelings of anxiety and dread, saying:

In our game we do not provide standard solutions of the horror genre, i.e. the so-called jumpscares. However, due to the plot and the events that one will go through, players may feel anxious, heightened, on the edge. Regis III is a place where “stillness” dominates.

A man with bloodstream, tissues, body, bones, enormous aspirations and desires seems to be a loser even in the clash with the dust rolling over Regis III. Not to mention what’s more deadly on its surface and what player will face. Death is omnipresent on this planet.
Starward Industries' The Invincible
Credit Starward Industries

The Invincible will release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in 2023. Markuszewski invites fans that are interested in updates on The Invincible and their “bold, original plans for the future,” to stay tuned to their website and social media channels. You can find them all here.

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