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Star Trek Picard’s Academy #1 Review

Star Trek Picard’s Academy #1 Review

Star Trek Picard's Academy #1 Review

Star Trek Picard’s Academy #1 Review
Writer: Sam Maggs
Artist: Ornella Greco
Colorist: Charlie Kirchoff
Letterer: Jeff Eckleberry
Design/Product: Neil Uyetake
Group Editor: Heather Antos
Editorial Assist: Vanessa Real
Publisher: IDW Publishing

Put that Romulan wine away and report to the bridge of the Star Fleet’s Geek Network Office, located right outside the lower decks. Oh! You’re here. Great, because we just received a transmission from the science team over at IDW, and they want you to spread the word about this amazing new comic series based on the historical entries of our bravest officers. We’re hoping that your efforts will cut back on holo room usage and improve communicable spirits among the crew.

We feel that the holodeck has become an unhealthy escape for some of our recent long-term cadets and want to inspire them with stories from the old academy days. You don’t know what to tell them about this comic series. Right, well, this won’t take long. The series is called Star Trek: Picard’s Academy #1, and the talented Admirals Heather Antos and Vanessa Real lead the team along with their writer, Captain Sam Maggs.

If you’re not first… you’re last, right? Nope! It’s not a Talladega Nights sequel, but if it were, you’d think Picard and Ricky Bobby were Step Brothers… wait. Omella Greco brings an inspiring manga-like feel to the Picard Academy series as our self-centered Picard navigates the elite institution of Starfleet Academy in San Francisco in the year 2325.

He’s only the second in his class, but the upcoming Evasive Maneuvers Exam gives him the opportunity to seek early graduation. A tunnel vision of goal that sees our beloved Picard portrays an egotistical perspective surrounding Starfleet’s definition of duty, questioning Professor Galen and turning down Cadet Marty Batanides to a dorm room jamboree that even his mentor, Mr. Boothby, urges him to attend.

“A Starfleet Officer’s first duty is to the truth, son. Guiding Principle of the whole thing. That
includes personal truth.”

Who needs friends? Our crew needs to learn why this is so important so they’ll stop investing all their time in complex algorithm-generated constructs. We need your help to unite our crews across the galaxy through this inspiring story of Picard’s former academic years to the degree of the bonds we forged during the Romulan Wars as a Great Alliance. While we frown upon deviating from our code of conduct, we recognize that the bonds we forge in our duties create success in the field. It saves lives. If this series can’t inspire our Starfleet’s finest, then may the universe help us all.

I’m a huge fan of Heather Antos, and I’m happy to see her thriving. This first issue has the makings of a great reminder of why friendships forged in competitive spaces are so important and how vital it is to discover your inner truth. Maggs did a beautiful job laying out the story and keeping the action and dramatizations, vibing with every page turn. The internal dialogue and captions are really great to see, especially for those readers, like myself, who haven’t watched a Star Trek property since Star Trek Voyager.

Before you set phasers to stun, I’ll say that I started watching Star Trek Lower Decks yesterday, so give me a chance to catch up before you court marshal me planetside. The art was fun and not overly serious, with very light contrast colors. This is very YA-appropriate, but there is a little bit in here for classic and nuanced Star Trek fans, making this a series to pay attention to going forward.

Speaking of the series going forward, this first issue of Star Trek: Picard’s Academy hit a huge milestone this week, making it the 400th single-issue comic in the Star Trek library under IDW. The publisher has honored this issue with an exclusive online cover by Paula Milanez available on IDW’s website packed with extras, which will be released on September 13th following pre ordered copies to be shipped, so if you want priority, then I’d head over to this link.

“This collection of minis brings together Star Trek comics veterans in an equal celebration of IDW’s Star Trek comics’ past and future. Join little Keyla Detmer—as seen in Star Trek: Discover —Adventures in the 32nd Century #3—on a new expedition, visit the Kelvin Universe, witness a heartfelt tale by TNG’s very own Wil Wheaton, and more by Chris Eliopoulos, Declan Shalvey, Rich Handley, and Mike Johnson, with art by Luke Sparrow, Seth Damoose, Megan Levens, Angel Hernandez, and Joe Eisma!”

I’d like to thank the creative team for taking this beloved IP and this long-time character favorite into new horizons for new and old fans alike. We’d like to give a big Starfleet salute to IDW for sharing this preview issue with us.

And if this series isn’t enough to get you excited for new frontiers, then be sure to catch up on the first-ever Star Trek Comic Book Event, beginning with Star Trek Day of Blood #1, available now and wherever comics are sold. Parts four and five of this event will be released later this month. Let’s just say it’s a great time to be a Star Trek fan. As always, stay geeky, share the network, and don’t forget to catch the latest on Fueled By Weird.

Michael J. Florio

Michael J. Florio

A true storyteller who sharpened his wit proudly at Full Sail University, holding a bachelor’s & master’s in creative writing for entertainment. After Michael became a Comics Experience alumni, he created his first independent creator-owned titles, Wild Oni & Iron Jaguar.

A member of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Writers Guild, where he lives & works tirelessly on his future published works. Michael is a father of four, three boys & one girl, whom he loves very much.

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