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Seth Meyers & Josh Meyers Developing Animated Series ‘Colony 2’ For Peacock

Seth Meyers and Brother Josh Meyers Developing Animated Series Titled COLONY 2 For Peacock

Seth Meyers and Josh Meyers

Late Night host and Saturday Night Live alum Seth Meyers has teamed up with his brother Josh Meyers, who was a cast member of MADtv and has starred in series including The Mindy Project and Amazon’s Red Oaks to create a new animated series for Peacock titled Colony 2. The series is set on mankind’s first space colony and has received a script commitment from the streamer.

Here’s the synopsis:

When a team of the greatest minds in science arrive on a distant planet to start mankind’s first space colony, they discover that because of advances intechnology back on earth, they’ve actually gotten there second. This forces them to confront the question when you’ve been number one your whole life, what happens when you discover you’re actually just number two?

Seth Meyers has not announced a major project since he began his duties as host of Late Night with Seth Meyers in his overall deal with USG. The project is created and written by the Meyers brothers.

Seth Meyers, Mike Shoemaker, Josh Meyers, and Jason Carden will executive produce. Scott Greenberg and Joel Kuwahara will executive produce on behalf of Bento Box Entertainment.

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