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Rachel Stavis on Sister of Darkness and Being Hollywood’s Premiere Exorcist

Rachel Stavis is a screenwriter for TV, film, and video games and also a horror novelist who has a spectacular gift that she has had since childhood. A series of events that happened to her as an adult made her realize that she must use her gift for the greater good.

Rachel Stavis is the author of the memoir “Sister of Darkness: The Chronicles of a Modern Exorcist.” The memoir covers the true stories of wrestling entities from infected souls, of how our traumas, opens us up to forces that can form attachment and drain us. This memoir recounts Rachel’s journey to becoming an exorcist and chronicles some of her most extreme cases, that put her, and her clients in peril.

She also makes sure to educate readers on the diverse range of “entities” that exist around us. From playful ones to more that are far more sinister. She also goes into great detail on what we can do to protect ourselves from these entities that are attacking us and hurting us.

Sister of Darkness is available now and to find more on the memoir and Rachel, you can visit her official website. Now get comfortable, dim the lights, light some sage, and make sure to tune in to the full interview below:

Dani Barroso
Dani Barroso

Dani Barroso

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