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Power Rangers #110 Review

Comic Books

Power Rangers #110 Review

Power Rangers #110 Review

Power Rangers #110 Review

Power Rangers #110 Review
Written by: Melissa Flores
Art by Simona Di Gianfelice
Colors by: Raul Angulo – assisted by Jose Enrique Fernandez
Letters by: Ed Dukeshire
Published by Boom! Studios

I don’t think I need to say just how important Power Rangers was to a lot of people including myself. We learned that together we can skip school,  hang out with an incorporeal being in a tube, befriend a neurotic robot, fight baddies who turn into puddles, and when all else failed we could call upon our giant mech to vanquish a 60ft monster in the seemingly middle of our home town but do zero damage to surrounding structures. All in all, amazing life lessons. 

  • MMPR 110 Cover G
  • MMPR 110 Cover F
  • MMPR 110 Cover E
  • MMPR 110 Cover D
  • MMPR 110 Cover C

That is adult me talking. Younger me just saw that together, we can do anything. When all seems lost, it’s your friends who step up and fight with you and for you. Together evil could and would never win, but stayed omnipresent. That togetherness was something I craved, and because of that I never missed an episode if I could help it. 

Boom’s MMPR: Prelude to the Darkest Hour brought me back. While they weren’t my Rangers, that didn’t matter. Rita was up to her old tricks, and the Rangers were there to stop her. I say old tricks but Saturday Morning Sabrina doesn’t remember Rita being THIS together. Misdirection, multi-location attacks, kidnapping, and implied coercion through magic.

I’m impressed Rita, you’ve had quite the glow-up from the 90’s Rita we all knew and loathed.  Gone are the days of two dozen Putties undulating like they knew what they were doing. Now, it’s some pretty savage-looking Thralls. Once again, good on you Rita. 

  • MMPR 110 PRESS Page 02
  • MMPR 110 PRESS Page 03
  • MMPR 110 PRESS Page 04
  • MMPR 110 PRESS Page 05
  • MMPR 110 PRESS Page 06
  • MMPR 110 PRESS Page 07
  • MMPR 110 PRESS Page 08
  • MMPR 110 PRESS Page 09

While this is definitely less camp, it stays true to the heart of what the Power Rangers stood for. And more so, as the 90’s kids have grown up so has the series. Our friends may have changed faces, but they never stopped being our friends. Together, they fight for us and we keep reading for them. 

Sabrina A. Clark
Sabrina A. Clark

Do I know Sabrina? Sabrina…Sabrina….Oh, you mean her? Yeahh. She’s wild. Homegirl throws solo dance parties in her bedroom. She writes like nobody’s reading…because they aren’t (yet).

She is an award-winning baker, and has seen every episode of every season of ALL the Star Treks, and Stargates except Stargate Universe because it wasn’t right. Perpetual teenager. 4’11 of sass and sarcasm. She’s obsessed with cats. Single if you can believe it. All around nerd, and just too weird for her own good. AND SHE’S PROUD OF IT

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1 Comment

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