The Overwatch Summer Games Return Tomorrow.

Overwatch Summer Games 2021

The Overwatch Summer Games event returns tomorrow, July 20, with new skins and is expected to last until August 10.

Overwatch Summer Games

Weekly challenges are in play for players to complete and earn legendary skins. New skins are in the pool here and have been showcased on Blizzard’s social channels, if you want a quick look at some of the fashion options that are perfect for summer Overwatch.

In very fitting form, we have the very awesome Sprinkles Mei! This ice cream themed skin Mei looks like she came right out of a classic ice cream parlor and we love it!

Next we have poolside Ashe. Super soaker themed gun, check. Pink flamingo, check. Freaking shark charm, CHECK!

Last, but certainly not least is Symmetra. She will be rocking out to “Kiss the Girl” in her Mermaid Symmetra skin.

As we wait for more news on Overwatch 2, we jump into the summer fun once again. Let the hunt for new legendary skins begin!


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