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Trailer For New Bank Heist Thriller NO LOSS // NO GAIN

Gravitas Ventures released a trailer for their new Robin-Hood themed Bank Heist Thriller

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No Loss // No Gain centers around a vigilante who gives the victims of a bank robbery a million-dollar opportunity.

In the film, “An unnamed vigilante seizes a small suburban bank. He claims to be seeking justice for a massive banking scandal, but his tactics and motives are veiled by complexity. Caught in his web are ordinary people: the struggling single-mother bank teller, the college student with impending pressure of student loans, the ousted career bank manager, the hard-working restaurateur and his pregnant wife. Taken on a journey into the heart of the largest bank on the planet fraught with scandal and fraud, these everyday victims are faced with the extraordinary opportunity to change their lives forever. All they have to do? Agree to go along with a mysterious ‘Robin Hood’ plan and they walk away with millions.”

The thriller comes from Christian Rossueau who is stepping into the role of director for the first time. It stars John Valley, Amanda Joy Erickson, Kevin McCarthy, Nathan Ehrmann, Destiny Soria, Ru Benjamin Revolver, and Alexandria Payne.

No Loss // No Gain will release direct to VOD July 6th.

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