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Nightfall: Double Feature Preview Teases the Horrors Coming to Readers in New Double-Sized Comic

Nightfall: Double Feature Preview Teases the Horrors Coming to Readers in New Double-Sized Comic

Nightfall: Double Feature Preview Teases the Horrors Coming to Readers in New Double-Sized Comic

Vault Comics has revealed a preview of the upcoming double-sized ongoing series titled Nightfall: Double Feature. The new series will feature two separate ongoing horror stories brought to readers by some of the greatest horror creators in the comic industry that have brought us hit series such as House of Slaughter, The Autumnal, The Plot, and Resonant.

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The first of two featured stories will be The Cemetarians written by NYT best-selling author Daniel Kraus with art by Ringo Award nominee Maan House, colors by Kurt Michael Russell, and letters by AndWorld Design. The series will tell a terrifying story of human bones growing inside inanimate objects across the globe and the scientist and theologian who investigate this phenomenon by going to the cemeteries where these remains originated from that uncover an otherworldly force emerging from the darkness.

The second story featured is titled Denizen and is written by Tim Daniel and David Andry with art by Chris Shehan, colors by Jason Wordie, and letters by Jim Campbell. Denizen follows a family’s cross-country trip that leads them into the wilds of Joshua National Park where the mother and wife-to-be succumb to a malevolent force lurking beneath an abandoned camping trailer.

Daniels praised Vault Comics for their continuous high-quality horror titles that have spawned from the Nightfall imprint, saying:

“For nearly three years now, Vault has been publishing astonishingly high-quality horror tales through our Nightfall imprint. Starting in October 2019, we chose Nightfall as the vehicle through which we could introduce horror into our catalog, aligning it carefully with our existing twin pillars of science fiction and fantasy.

Series as diverse in voice and presentation such as The Autumnal, Black Stars Above, Human Remains, Hollow Heart, I Walk With Monsters, and The Plot resonated powerfully with our readers and demonstrated the startling width and breath of the genre. A discerning editorial eye also ensured that we could offer readers the same incredibly high level of quality they’d come to historically expect of the core Vault titles.”

Check out the full synopsis for Nightfall: Double Feature and the stories included inside:


Grab your popcorn and clamber into your sleeping bag for two tales of terror from the creative teams of House of SlaughterThe Autumnal, The Plot, and Resonant!

After human bones begin growing inside inanimate objects all across the globe, a renegade scientist and brilliant theologian delve into the cemeteries where the bones originated, discovering an otherworldly force tired of being buried in darkness.

A family’s cross country roadtrip goes off the map and into the unforgiving wilds of Joshua Tree National Park, when mom and wife-to-be Helene succumbs to a malevolent force tucked inside an abandoned camping trailer.”

Nightfall: Double Feature #1 will haunt comic book shelves at your favorite local comic shop this October. Check out the covers by Jason Shaw Alexander, Shehan, and House below:

Source: Vault Comics

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1 Comment

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