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Nexus: Scourge Marks the Return of Mike Baron’s Epic Sci-Fi Superhero Universe

Nexus: Scourge Marks the Return of Mike Baron’s Epic Sci-Fi Superhero Universe

Nexus: Scourge Marks the Return of Mike Baron’s Epic Sci-Fi Superhero Universe

Dark Horse Comics has announced a new graphic novel that marks the return of Mike Baron‘s Nexus universe with the upcoming Nexus: Scourge. The sci-fi superhero series returns to the publisher with a brand-new standalone story that pits our hero Nexus against a new and mysterious threat that is threatening all life.

Baron’s narrative will come accompanied by the artistic talents of Kelsey Shannon who will be illustrating and coloring the graphic novel with letters by Warran Mongomery. Will Nexus have what it takes to save the universe or will this universe-ending threat see Nexus finally meet his match?

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Dark Horse’s description of Nexus: Scourge reads:

Planets are vanishing from the night sky without a trace! Nexus must uncover the truth behind a string of disappearing planets before the universe itself vanishes. With precious few leads and almost no witnesses, the odds seem stacked against survival. How will Nexus save the universe?

Nexus delivers some classic hard-hitting superhero vibes that will resonate with fans of the more classic superhero days. But it also offers so much more as Nexus embellishes its universe with the vast possibilities of sci-fi to bring us one of the best action-adventure comics that honors the stories found in 80s comics while finding ground in its own world. It’s a pure and joyous adventure for any reader to enjoy and now Nexus is back to face his biggest threat yet.

Nexus: Scourge will arrive everywhere books are sold on March 12, 2024, and at your favorite local comic shop on March 13, 2024.

Check out the cover reveal below:

Nexus: Scourge

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