The Hawkeye update will launch alongside the next-gen versions of Marvel’s Avengers

hawkeye trailer thumbnail

Crystal Dynamix and Square Enix announced in a video on Tuesday that we will be getting Hawkeye on March 18th. It’s been months of leaks and anticipation for gamers waiting for the famed archer to make his way onto the Avengers roster. The update will also be releasing along with the next-gen update for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The Hawkeye update will also bring us the Future Imperfect Operation. In a future version of Earth 616, we see the new region, The Wasteland. Inspired by the Old Man Hawkeye series, a Kree invasion, and nuclear war has decimated the planet. Present time Hawkeye and future Hawkeye will be working with Kate Bishop, whom we were treated to in the December 8th, 2020 update, and Lucky the dog to attempt and defeat Maestro. (futuristic super-villain version of the Hulk.)

Crystal Dynamics showcased the gameplay of Hawkeye in the deep dive video you can watch above. Although Clint and Kate both share similar traits, such as the combination of sword and bow fighting styles, the two archers do drift apart with their abilities and arrow types as well as their movements.

all gameplay was captured on the PlayStation 5 console, the footage shows increased visuals, a higher frame rate, and faster load times which has been a common upgrade seen on many of the titles being adapted to next-gen consoles. All players who already own Marvel’s Avengers will be able to play as Hawkeye and fight Maestro in the new operation, Future Imperfect completely free.

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