Chernin Entertainment will serve as producers, with Gavin Games and Neil Widener writing the script.

hourman superhero film dceu 2021

According to reports, a film project based on Hourman has been in consideration over the past decade. In fact, a live-action adaptation revolving around the character almost happened in 2013, when DC began developing a series around the Rex Tyler character for the CW. Obviously, that project never came together, but the character Rex Tyler was eventually featured in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. With Hourman officially announced, DC’s upcoming superhero slate includes films based on the characters Black Adam, Blue Beetle, and Zatanna.

Per DC Fandom

“Hourman is the legacy of a masked vigilante who uses a drug named Miraclo to give him incredible super-powers for exactly one hour. Rex Tyler is the original version, a scientist who created the chemical and fought crime during the Golden Age. Rick Tyler is his son and successor, the second Hourman. Matthew Tyler is a super-intelligent android created in the 853rd Century who traveled back into the modern era and held the position for several years”

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