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New Redfall Trailer Teases A Bloody Good Time

New Redfall Trailer Teases A Bloody Good Time

New Redfall Trailer Teases A Bloody Good Time

Arkane Studios released a brand-new trailer for Redfall. The trailer took players to Redfall, Massachusetts where a bloody good time is teased as players go on a night on the town. As residents disappear and return as vampires, with some of the remaining townsfolk taking to worship these undead creatures, it’ll pit four survivors to take on the undead and escape the island of Redfall

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The crew is made up of Layla, the telekinetic protagonist, Jacob, the sharpshooting sniper, Remy, the engineer, and Devinder, the mysterious hunter. The first-person co-op shooter was announced in 2021 and has seen its share of delays. Even with that in mind, the hype on this title has not slowed and players eagerly await to team up with their best buds to rid the town of the blood-sucking foes in early 2023.

New Redfall Trailer

Redfall will release on Xbox Series X/S and PC in early 2023. Redfall will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass on day one. Check out the trailer below: 

Source: Bethesda

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