Netflix Dragon Age TV Series Rumored To Be In Development.

Netflix Dragon Age TV Series

Netflix has been hard at work to cement itself into the gaming community with many adaptations of beloved video game series on their streaming platform. They recently announced they plan on implementing video games into their platform as well. Netflix is now taking on it’s next conquest with the Dragon Age TV series that is rumored to be in development.

In a new report from a “trusted source,” Giant Freakin Robot has learned that a reported Dragon Age TV series is in the works. No details were offered at this time, but if you take into account the previous adaptations from the BioWare line and the massive scope of the Dragon Age universe, this would most likely be an animated adaptation.

With no details and no confirmation from BioWare or Netflix, it’s hard to speculate what this new series could be about, or even if it truly exists. That being said, we do know that Dragon Age 4 will continue the story that began without Wardens deep into the hearts of Tevinter, Nevarra, and the beautiful Antiva. We know that the recent comics have also been rooted deep within the land of blood mages and magisters with Tevinter, leaving Netflix with the ability to branch in any direction of the massive world of Thedas. With the already compelling and brilliant storytelling and characters given to us in the games, I would hope that we don’t get a retelling of the entries in the series, but rather an exploration of Thedas we may have not touched before.

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