Sony’s Marvel Series SILK Lands WATCHMEN Producer Tom Spezialy as Showrunner.

Marvel Series SILK

Tom Spezialy has joined Sony’s upcoming Marvel series Silk through his overall deal the producer signed with Amazon Studios.

The report states that Spezialy will serve as executive producer and showrunner on the series alongside executive producer Lauren Moon who also wrote the Silk TV adaptation. Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller are executive producers on Silk with Spider-Man franchise producer Amy Pascal.

Silk is a Korean-American superhero character that was created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos, and she made her comic book debut in 2014 in The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 3 #1.

The lead role is described as “a kid from Queens who is on her own for the first time. Although she’s a total beginner in law enforcement and fighting crime, she is said to love the feeling of beating up criminals to let her frustrations out, and has an affinity for ‘80s and ‘90s pop culture.” It’s also said that she “struggles with her identity and heritage, but she tries to focus on her family, friends, and relationships.”

Here’s a little background on Cindy Moon, a.k.a. Silk:

Thirteen years ago, during a demonstration on the use of radioactive rays at a science exhibit, a spider was accidentally exposed to the radiation and absorbed large amounts of it. In its dying moments, the arachnid bit the nearest living thing to it, Peter Parker. As a result, the young teenager would gain amazing powers and become the amazing Spider-Man!

However, this was not the end; as mere moments after biting Parker, the spider bites another young student by the name of Cindy Moon.

Soon after, Cindy’s abilities manifested but she was unable to control them. Some time later, Ezekiel would approach the Moon family to offer his help and guide Cindy in controlling her newfound abilities. After six years since getting bit and training to use her powers, Cindy is locked up inside a facility by Ezekiel to protect her, and the other “spiders,” from Morlun.

It was previously reported that Sang Kyu Kim was set as the showrunner and executive producer for Silk, but she was not mentioned in the most recent report.


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