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Lost Ark Is Headed To The West This Fall

Lost Ark is coming to the West this fall courtesy of Amazon Games and developer Smilegate RPG.

Lost Ark

The news of Lost Ark headed our way was revealed through a trailer during the Summer Game Fest.  “A Lost Ark is not but a myth. A relic from the half-remembered Chain War, but now our world has been torn once again. The demons have returned.” Clips of the isometric action follows, showing off fast-paced combat delivered by a couple of distinct classes. An agile assassin and a warrior wielding a huge blade are shown fighting mechanical beasts and large golems.”

Lost Ark takes players to Arkesia and is filled with magic, dragons and many other mythical creatures. We see ruins with ancient technology in the trailer.

 There’s also a massive battlefield with hordes of demons pouring from devious purple portals. 

A “closed technical alpha” is beginning almost immediately with signups happening on the Lost Ark website. This initial test is running from June 11-16, and all that’s needed to sign up is an Amazon account. According to the announcement from the developers, those who gain access to the beta can “choose from 14 Classes, sail the Sea of Gienah, brave the Abyss Dungeon “Ancient Alveria,” and so much more.” 

Amazon Games is planning on keeping Lost Ark as a free-to-play experience with optional purchases. The studio had this to say about the model: “We want to assure players that the Western version of Lost Ark will be a fair, fun, and a great gaming experience where in-game purchases are completely optional. We think it is important that players have a path to acquire all items in our version of Lost Ark without having to make a purchase with few exceptions. (For example, Founders Packs, services like name changes, etc.)”

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