A 13-Year-Old Boy Traps His Family in a Hole in Trailer for the Psychological Thriller JOHN AND THE HOLE.

John and the Hole

IFC Films has released an unsettling trailer for a dark psychological thriller titled John and the Hole. The story unfolds as a disturbed 13-year-old boy ends up holding his family hostage in a hole in the ground.

The film stars Michael C. Hall, Taissa Farmiga, Charlie Shotwell, and Jennifer Ehle. The story follows John (Shotwell), “a 13-year-old seemingly without affect. He walks through his life of privilege as if in a trance — until one day, he discovers a bunker on the property of his family’s house. The existence of this bunker awakens something in John, and he drugs his father (Hall), mother (Ehle) and sister (Farmiga), and drops them down the hole without explanation. From there, John’s mystified family pleads with him, as John lives a mostly solitary existence inside their home. What will John do? The question lingers over Sisto’s film, which builds suspense in an unusual way.”

John and the Hole was directed by Pascual Sisto. IFC Films is releasing John and the Hole in theaters and on-demand on August 6th.

IFC Films

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