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JackSepticEye Talks About His New Comic Book Series, Altrverse

JackSepticEye Talks About His New Comic Book Series, The Altrverse

Renowned YouTuber, JackSepticEye is set to make his comic book debut with the upcoming Altrverse series. Known by his real name Sean McLoughlin, JackSepticEye has amassed a massive following thanks to his energetic and charismatic persona. This has led him to venture into various endeavors such as tours, film appearances, and even starting his own coffee company. Now, he is ready to embark on a new creative journey with his very own comic book series.

Powered by the creative minds at Bad Egg Publishing, Altrverse promises to be a revolutionary, genre-blending comic adventure that expands across different platforms and dimensions. It will shine a spotlight on JackSepticEye‘s beloved characters, offering readers an immersive experience like never before. The series will feature a rotating team of talented writers and artists, each bringing their unique vision to the table.

The prologue debut issue, Altrverse #0, sets the stage for the franchise and introduces fans to the worlds inhabited by two iconic personas: Marvin the Magnificent and Jackie-Boy Man. Throughout the series, readers can expect to delve into the intriguing backstories and untold tales of these beloved characters, offering a deep dive into their worlds and experiences.

JackSepticEye Talks About His New Comic Book Series, Altrverse
Image credit: Bad Egg Publishing

Prepare yourself for JackSepticEye’s Altrverse universe as the comic book series takes flight and arrives at your favorite local comic shop. You can preorder your copy at We had the chance to ask JackSepticEye a few questions about the upcoming Altrverse series. Check it out below:

Can you tell us about collaborating with Bad Egg and how that got started?

JackSepticEye: Yeah, we had talked about different people to help out with the comic book and we kind of shopped around and asked a bunch of people. But whenever we talked to Bad Egg about it, they were really excited, they were on it immediately. They did a bit of homework beforehand, they knew who I was, and they were really excited about it.

They had experienced doing comics in the past for other creators. So not only did they feel like a natural fit but they felt really excited about it and I think that to me was more important. A lot of people out there can do a comic but Bad Egg really, wanted it to succeed. They really wanted to work with me and figure out my ideas and hear my creativity and they didn’t want to put themselves all over it.

They didn’t want to put too many roadblocks in the way they were just like, hey, whatever you want to do, we’ll help you along the way. And I think that helped a lot. Again, as somebody who’s never made a comic book before, having people who know what they’re doing, but also kind of like let you do what you want I think was really important to make it succeed.

JackSepticEye Talks About His New Comic Book Series, Altrverse
Image credit GQ

How did you decide to take these characters in particular and put them into a comic book as opposed to some of the other mediums that you work at?

JackSepticEye: I think, as I did stuff with the other Chase character already live action and I think and the anti-character, were the two that I’ve done the most live action, and I kept thinking about doing Jackie and Marvin live action as well. And I was trying to figure out how I would do it, I wanted to do them justice, but I didn’t want to have them look bad. So I was like, I don’t know if me dressing up and going around waving my arms in the air with really bad, VFX would look good and I didn’t really know what story I wanted to tell with them like that.

So I start looking at other mediums to do and I think comic books were perfect because Jackie is like a superhero and then Marvin is so flashy that it was really fun to see that sort of come alive on the page. I think comics not only for their colors and their art style but seeing stuff kind of like cross panels and seeing the different orientations of panels you can do and the one pagers and the two pagers and things like that we’re just cool to see and I think Marvin suits that really well and Jackie’s story and his style fits a comic book really well too.

I think it was a cool way of being able to tell their stories from earlier in their Careers I guess you could say from just a different point of view and it’s just fun to do a comic book. I like comic books, I like collecting things like that so again selfishly it’s just for me to be able to hold and be like I have a comic book.

So, comic books are known for Easter eggs, little wink, wink, nudge, nudge to the audience. Can we expect any Jack Septiceye Easter eggs in this Top of the Morning coffee, Sam Evelyn, BB Anything along those lines?

JackSepticEye: There’s always room for something and the characters are so me already. Each of the characters are kind of like parts of me anyway, so it’s almost an Easter egg in their personalities, the way they act. But I mean if I told people the Easter eggs now then they wouldn’t care about them.

So they have to find themselves and relate to them, themselves. I’m not gonna tell anybody anything. I’m not going to tell them what to do or what to look for. The first Easter egg you’ll see is Bad Egg, the publisher. It’s right on the cover. A literal egg.

So the release date for this lines up with Thanksgiving. And that’s, when you do Thankmas, raising funds, do you have any plans to tie multiverse to Thankmas or feature it during Thankmas?

JackSepticEye: Maybe but Thankmas is more about charity and giving back to people. And I try not to do Thankmas as a tool for exposure for anything that I’m doing. So, I just tried to keep it more focused on the charity and the people involved, and the organizations. So, I’d say no because I think that that’s the better thing to do.

You branched out from your let’s play content, you’ve got cameos in films, you’re continuing your interviews, you’ve got top of the morning coffee and now comic books. Do you have any other goals for the near future for things you want to expand into or in particular anything that you’d like to see yourself doing that you haven’t done already?

JackSepticEye: I mean, Whenever people list the things I’ve done I’m like oh God I have, I’ve done way too much. I need to stop myself sometimes because I take on too many things but I would just like to get more into acting, directing sort of. I’m not a good writer, I wish I was. But that whole space of live-action media, I think is really cool and I like being involved in that.

I like being on set, I like seeing how projects come together. So I’d say with an audio podcast doing that for a story as well as some sort of TV show, live-action movie, or anything like that I would love to be able to do

Last question, where can fans get a copy of Altrverse?

At Go get it for yourselves now. Go

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