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How To Protect Your Tech During Storm Season


How To Protect Your Tech During Storm Season

Tech can get expensive and is often a hassle to replace. If you don’t want your electronics to be damaged during a lightning storm, this guide is for you.

Many homeowners today use electronic devices to make their homes more comfortable and convenient. Cooking, cleaning, and enjoying entertainment take just the click of a button, giving you more leisure time to enjoy yourself.

As the warmer months approach, you should be aware of the dangers posed to your equipment by lightning strikes. Here’s how to protect your tech during storm season.

Buy a Surge Protector

If lightning hits a nearby power source, it can overload the grid and cause electrical outlets to discharge in your home, damaging any devices that are plugged in. Surge protectors are a safe and convenient way to expand the number of outlets available while ensuring devices are safe from power spikes.

If a surge protector detects excess current, it shuts down immediately, preventing the voltage from reaching your devices. You can also install surge protection for the entire home to make your outlets safer, though there’s still a possibility of damage from lightning storms.

Turn Off Equipment

While surge protectors can be helpful, they sometimes fail due to old age or instances where high-voltage spikes pass through the circuitry. If you’ve got tech you want to protect at all costs, your best bet is to turn it off when the weather gets bad.

Unplugging your devices from the wall outlet will ensure they remain unharmed if a high-voltage spike hits your home. You can use a power strip or surge protector to make it easier to unplug everything at once. Remember to turn everything off before the storm hits, as touching outlets during a lightning strike could result in electrical shock.

Install an Ethernet Conduit

Buried ethernet cables offer many advantages to homeowners. They can be used to extend the network throughout the property without needing a wireless signal, but they’re also exposed to the elements. Most homeowners will purchase cables designed to be put directly in the ground, but an ethernet conduit can help protect your installation during storms.

Conduits are designed to provide additional protection from noise caused by nearby electrical devices and poor weather conditions, making them essential during storms. Cutting and measuring your EMT conduit to the correct dimensions will create a sealed environment that can help prevent damage from lightning strikes.

Have a Plan in Place for Dangerous Weather

If you must choose between your own safety and that of your devices, it’s better to forget your tech and get to a safe place in extreme weather. Your personal health and well-being are the most important thing.

Learning how to protect your tech during storm season will ensure you’re prepared for the worst.

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