James Gunn Confirms GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 3 Will Tell Rocket’s Full Story.


James Gunn is preparing to start work on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 now that production on The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker has been completed.

In a recent interview with CB, Gunn explains that this next Guardians movie is going to be “gigantic” saying, “Listen, Guardians movies are just different. It’s just using a different part of my brain in some ways. I mean, Guardians movies are more geometric. This Guardians, in particular, is just gigantic, so I’m just finishing the story that I feel like I need to finish.”

So what is this story going to tell? Well, Gunn previously shared that Rocket Raccoon is going to be a big part of what’s happening. It turns out that the film is going to put a focus on Rocket as the filmmaker recently confirmed that he’s “telling Rocket’s story fully, which I need to tell. These are all needs. I don’t think I’m reeling anything in. I’m telling that story as fully as it should be told in the way it should be told.”

Gunn teased the emotional aspect of the film during an interview with EW, saying, “It’s pretty heavy actually. It’s a heavier story, so it’s an emotional process to go through.”

Gunn went on to talk about rating and if he thinks that Guardians of the Galaxy would work as an R-rated film, saying, “There’s not a part of me that goes, ‘Oh, I wish I could do an R-rated Guardians movie.’ It’s not native to the source. It seems like the Guardians should be PG-13 films, whereas Suicide Squad seems like it should be an R-rated film, so it’s just different things.”

Gunn seems to have a handle on pretty much any project he touches and I am truly excited to see him telling the story for Rocket.

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