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Greta Gerwig Will Direct New Chronicles of Narnia Films


Greta Gerwig Will Direct New Chronicles of Narnia Films

Greta Gerwig Will Direct New Chronicles of Narnia Films

Greta Gerwig Will Direct New Chronicles of Narnia Films

What went from rumors to reports has now become confirmation as The New Yorker has confirmed that Greta Gerwig will direct new Chronicles of Narnia films. The beloved filmmaker is set to helm two films based on the novel series by C.S. Lewis. This is a big move by Netflix as they bring in an acclaimed director to the project that has previously had a big-budget adaptation bringing the famed mythological world to life.

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The book series is made up of seven novels that chronicle the attempts of the White Witch to overtake Narnia. The series follows the Pevensie children who have been wrapped up in this mythical kingdom and wind up on a life-altering quest alongside Aslan. Many suggestions about what Aslan represents in the series have been passed around and whether these ideas will factor into the new adaptations remains to be seen as there has been no official announcement on the adaptation coming from Gerwig and Netflix.

Gerwig will be featured on the big screen before taking on Narnia as she helmed the highly-anticipated Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling who play the iconic toys that wake up with the existential question of what does this life mean? This leads them into our world as they search for answers in what has already looked like an entertaining take on the world of the famous doll.

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Stay tuned as more information is unveiled on the upcoming adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia on Netflix.

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