A GREENLAND Sequel Is in Development with Gerald Butler and Morena Baccarin Set to Return.


The 2020 thriller Greenland is getting a sequel, and Gerard Butler is set to reprise his role as structural engineer John Garrity. He will also be joined by co-star Morena Baccarin as Allison Garrity.

In the first film, John Garrity, his estranged wife, and their young son embarked on a perilous journey to find sanctuary as a planet-killing comet hurtles toward Earth. “Amid terrifying accounts of cities getting leveled, the Garrity’s experience the best and worst in humanity. As the countdown to the global apocalypse approaches zero, their incredible trek culminates in a desperate and last-minute flight to a possible safe haven.”

In the upcoming sequel, the Garrity family, who survive the near-extinction level event, “must leave the safety of the Greenland bunker and embark on a perilous journey across the decimated frozen wasteland of Europe to find a new home.”

The director of the first movie, Ric Roman Waugh, will be back to helm the sequel, and it will be written by original scribe Chris Sparling. Waugh said in a statement:

“‘Greenland’ spoke to our humanity in the middle of a global catastrophic event, highlighting what people are capable of doing to one another, both good and bad, when it’s life or death.”


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