God of War Ragnarok Thor Character Design Faces Some Criticism Over His Look

God of War Ragnarok Thor Character Design Faces Some Criticism Over His Look – What Does Thor Really Look Like?

God of War Ragnarok Thor Character Design Faces Some Criticism Over His Look

The first trailer for the highly anticipated God of War Ragnarok was released during the PlayStation Showcase and we got a glimpse of Kratos along with some returning and new characters. One of those characters was Thor, the god of thunder. Now in the trailer we simply see him having an exchange of words with Kratos as the camera focuses on Mjolnir, but the devs have since released a character design of Thor that has fans divided.

There can be arguments made for both sides, and we are not here to say one is right over the other, On one hand, we have been spoiled by the look of Thor that Marvel has introduced us to, not only in the comics but with Chris Hemsworth having portrayed him and showing off an incredible physique throughout the MCU films, it’s understandable to have that image burned into our brains.

However, some argue that based on the Norse Mythology, Thor was said to be a god of mass appetite and that his physique is closely described to what we see in the character design for Thor Ragnarok. So which is it?

Is Thor a tall, muscular, hammer-wielding god with a 6 pack, or is a god with a dad bod and protruding belly, sporting the traditional Viking look?


In Norse mythology, Thor is an Æsir God associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and fertility. His weapon is the hammer Mjölnir, which is powerful enough to level mountains.

Even though we are used to seeing the handsome Chris Hemsworth as the Thor in Marvel movies, but in Norse mythology, Thor is described as a barrel-chested ugly man.

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One thing to note is that although he is apparently described as what we see in the photo above, those of us who played the previous God of War will remember the statue we see of Thor throughout our playthrough as noted in the picture below in which Thor seems to rock a somewhat fit physique, but hey, if we had a statue made of ourselves, I guess we wouldn’t exactly want it to highlight the areas we may not like, so who knows, the important thing to note here is that Thor will be voiced by none other than Ryan Hurst, some of you may remember him as the deaf paratrooper Michaelson in Saving Private Ryan, but the film most will probably recognize him from is his role as Gerry Bertier in Remember The Titans.

As far as TV goes, he is most well known for his role on Sons of Anarchy as the fan-favorite Opie for 54 episodes.

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