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Geek-Friendly Ways To Decorate for the Holidays


Geek-Friendly Ways To Decorate for the Holidays

Are you tired of your holiday decorations looking like everyone else’s? Try out some of our geeky seasonal décor ideas to make your space unique.

If traditional home décor isn’t quite your style, why not show off your nerdier side this holiday season? From tree decorations to cool wintry displays, here are some geek-friendly ways to decorate for the holidays!

Holiday Model Train Layout

One of the best things about the holiday season is the nostalgic traditions we see reflected in the decorations. You’ve probably felt this nostalgia when you see the Christmas village set your grandmother puts out every season. Why not jazz up this old tradition with something more modern and fun, like a wintry holiday train layout? You can even recreate scenes from your favorite movies like The Polar Express or the Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter series.

Geeky Tree Toppers

We love a good geeky tree accessory this time of year. Some of our favorites that we’ve seen are the Death Star, the Super Star from the Mario franchise, and Yoda. If you’re not keen on buying another decoration, why not make your own? Cardboard, felt, insulation foam, and plaster are great crafting options to use as a base.

Pop Culture Ornaments

Sure, you could buy one of those giant tubs of plain ornaments at the store, but where’s the fun in that? We’ve seen all kinds of exciting ornaments out there for Sailor Moon, Marvel, and even Pokémon.

We also think making your own ornaments is a fun crafting project to do with friends and family. One easy way is to use those clear plastic ornaments you can find at most craft stores. Fill them with white glitter and bits of cotton stuffing, or paint a snowy landscape around the base. Then add your favorite geeky fillers.

One of our favorite (and slightly sacrilegious) ways to make cool ornaments is by cutting the heads off PEZ candy dispensers and putting them inside. If you’re into D&D or Warhammer, you can also paint up some holiday miniatures and put those in your custom ornaments instead.

We hope these geek-friendly ways to decorate for the holidays give you some inspiration for this year’s seasonal decorations. Why not grab your friends and family and choose one of our crafting ideas as a way to spend time together? Togetherness is what the holidays are all about.

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