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Gargoyles Live-Action Movie In Development With Kenneth Branagh Directing

Gargoyles Live-Action Movie In Development With Kenneth Branagh Directing

Gargoyles Live-Action Movie In Development With Kenneth Branagh Directing

The Gargoyles live-action movie feature from Disney is finally showing some headway after finding itself in development limbo for years now. Oscar winner and director Kenneth Branagh is set to helm the project which is based on the beloved 90s animated series. According to The Belfast Telegraph, Branagh is attached to direct the movie, which is set to be Disney’s latest live-action remake in the growing library of live-action adaptations at The Mouse House.

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The animated Gargoyles series sits atop as a fan-favorite among animated series within the Disney brand and outside of it. The series which ran from 1994-1997 saw a clan of Gargoyles from the Scottish Highlands become frozen for a thousand years. Having woken up outside of their 10th Century era and in modern New York City, they find themselves trying to become accustomed to this modern-day life as well as many exciting clashes.

The series starred Keith David, Ed Asner, Jonathan Frakes, Salli Richardson, Bill Faggerbakke, and Marina Sirtis.

Having reached pop-culture stardom, this is not the first attempt at adapting the hit animated series with creators such as Jordan Peele, David Elliot, and Paul Lovett all having expressed interest in adapting the animated series and even making the attempt at one point for Elliot and Lovett but that never saw the light of day. Here’s hoping for the resurgence of the latest attempt to adapt the series to see the light of day.

Gargoyles Live-Action Movie

No additional details have been released about the film or anyone else attached and will likely remain as such until a resolution is found with the WGA and SAG AFTRA as they continue to strike in hopes of setting the ground for fair wages for everyone’s work in the entertainment industry.

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