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MGM+ Renews From for Season 3

TV Show

MGM+ Renews From for Season 3

MGM+ Renews From for Season 3

MGM+ Renews From for Season 3

MGM+ has announced that it has renewed its sci-fi horror series From for a third season. The hit series which only keeps getting more popular has two seasons under its belt now and continues to spin a tale of pure horror in the series created by John Griffin.

This series has surpassed the entire network’s library to sit atop as the most popular series and continues to be THE series that should be on anyone’s watch list. Very rarely do critics and audiences see eye-to-eye but when it comes to From, the consensus is that it’s a great series.

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What is ‘FROM’?

From follows the townsfolk a small, rural town clouded in secrets. Once you find yourself within the town’s grasp, you cannot leave. As we saw, attempting to leave leads you in an endless loop with all roads leading back into the town. If that isn’t terrifying enough, we have the day-sleeping creatures that come out at night to feast on anyone foolish enough to be caught outside in the dark.

Usually embodying someone you love who has passed, they torment the townsfolk while trying to lure them out or find a way in. We learned in season 1 that a special totem keeps them out and hangs inside every home but as things are, they still find ways to get you. Season 2 brought in new faces. A busload of them in fact and the mystery continues to slowly unravel but as one question is answered, another surfaces and the series continues to create a web of mystery that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Head of MGM+, Michael Wright shared that he is much looking forward to seeing more of the story unravel, saying:

“The first two seasons of ‘From’ captivated critics and terrified and engaged fans, who have formed a thriving online community that is trying to put the pieces together week by week as the secrets of the nightmarish town—and possibly beyond—are slowly revealed. We can’t wait for fans to see the surprises ahead in Season Three, which promises more scares and mysteries, but also more answers.”

Executive producer Jack Bender added:

“We’re so grateful for the support of our fans and FROMily this season. We have a lot more story to tell … and shocking, weird roads to take you on, with plenty of answers along the way.”

The series stars Harold Perrineau, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Eion Bailey, Hannah Cheramy, Simon Webster, Ricky He, Chloe Van Landschoot, Corteon Moore, Pegah Ghafoori, David Alpay, Elizabeth Saunders, Elizabeth Moy, Avery Konrad, and Scott McCord. Season two introduced us to the new cast members including Nathan D. Simmons, Kaelen Ohm, Angela Moore, A.J. Simmons, and Deborah Grover.

Jeff Pinkner serves as showrunner and executive producer alongside Josh Appelbaum, Scott Rosenberg, and André Nemec. They are joined by co-executive producers Mike Larocca, Anthony & Joe Russo, Lindsay Dunn, and Adrienne Erickson.

MGM+ Renews From for Season 3

From Season 3 will arrive exclusively on MGM+ sometime in 2024.

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