VIZ Media has released the first English manga featuring Kirby titled Kirby Manga Mania


This will be a collection of manga chapters across Kirby’s 25-volume manga series by Hirokazu Hikawa with a new chapter of adventure and more.

The synopsis reads:

Kirby joins iconic arch-frenemy King Dedede and other characters Dark Matter, Jukid, Gooey, Chef Kawasaki, and more to venture out into the picturesque world of Dream Land. Get stuck in a haunted hotel with Kirby, save King Dedede from a toy transformation, or get a glimpse of Dream Land in the 22nd century—just take a deep breath and hop in!

Talking about the new collection, Hikawa said:

This is my first best-of collection. I selected the funniest stories out of the Kirby manga series’ 25-volume run. I also drew the series’ first brand-new chapter in 11 years, as well as some bonus comics. I hope you’ll enjoy those too.

Now, you can read the collected stories of the iconic pink puffball on June 8th. Let us know in the comments if you are excited to check this out and take a look at this short preview below!

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