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Equipment You Need To Play Muggle Quidditch


Equipment You Need To Play Muggle Quidditch

Harry Potter fans will jump at the chance to bring the wizarding world to their college campuses. Here’s some equipment you need to play Muggle Quidditch.

A new sport is taking college campuses across America by storm, and there’s something magical about it. Fans love Quidditch for its roots in Harry Potter and its energizing and strategic gameplay. People adore this game because it’s easy and inexpensive to set up. If you’re looking to start a team on your campus, here’s some equipment you need to play Muggle Quidditch.

Getting off the Ground (or on the Field)

The most important (and arguably most iconic) piece of equipment players need is a broomstick. Any broom will suffice for muggles, but if your co-op intends to compete against other college teams, you’ll want to make sure your brooms meet the sport’s standards.

The second most important piece of equipment you’ll need is hoops. A player scores when they pass the ball through one of the three rings on either end of the field. You can buy specialized sets of hoops for your team, but most people DIY them using hula hoops, PVC pipes, or other materials.

Muggle Dupes for Enchanted Sports Equipment

The last pieces of equipment you and your friends will need to take to the field are the balls. Muggle Quidditch involves three kinds of balls: bludgers, quaffles, and a snitch.

Defensive players, or “beaters,” throw red dodgeballs called bludgers at the opposing team. Meanwhile, offensive players, or “chasers,” pass the scoring ball (the quaffle) between them. Teams typically use volleyballs as quaffles. It is standard practice to semi-deflate the volleyball. This makes it lighter and easier to pass, much like the quaffle in the wizarding world.

The last ball you’ll need to begin a game of Quidditch is the most lucrative of them all: the snitch! Muggles devoid of enchanted materials may opt for a similarly colored tennis ball. The snitch should be small and difficult to grab during play. A player represents the moving snitch by attaching the tennis ball to their waistband, often with Velcro.

If your university has an active sports club program, consider borrowing some flag football belts. As an added rule, the snitch player should dress in all yellow. However, a mesh jersey or other marker can also work.

Other Items To Make the Most of Your Game

There is some optional equipment you can get to play Muggle Quidditch. Since Muggle Quidditch is a sport that involves dodging and throwing, you might consider getting some protective gear. Mouthguards, cups, and kinesthetic tape are all popular choices among Muggle Quidditch players. Be sure to check your university’s sports club guidelines for any special requirements.

Just like when you join any college club sport, joining a Muggle Quidditch team is a fantastic way to build friendships and develop leadership skills. With just a few simple everyday sports items, you can enjoy the magic of Quidditch with all your muggle friends.

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