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Dethalbum IV Review

Dethalbum IV Review

Adult Swim‘s beloved animated series Metalocalypse has returned with Dethklok set to bring a new Metalocalypse film and Dethalbum IV. The on-screen band is also kicking off a nationwide tour and soundtrack. We had the chance to listen to the album and here is our review and praise to the metal gods!

Dethklok, once again, does not disappoint. The fourth installment of the Dethalbum like any other installment that has come before it is brutal. You get a perfect blend of drums and bass that you can feel in your chest. Beautiful heavy and screeching guitar melodies and those guttural vocals by the frontman himself Brendon Small

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The opening track is a reference to a line delivered by Nathan Explosion on how he only knows to write music about getting gutted by a weed whacker. This goes to show you that even on the metal side of things Brendon loves to tie in humor into his music. The second track is a direct tie-in to the film that is performed in Army of the Doomstar. The track is poisoned by food. This headbanger is about some poor person who has been sentenced to be poisoned by food for all eternity (brutal if you ask me.)

I can’t get into a few of the other songs without spoiling the themes of the songs or how they may or may not tie into the movie lyrically or metaphorically. This album is a wall-of-death-worthy record, but not as heavy as previous titles in the Dethklok discography. I will give the Dethalbum IV 9 rock n roll clowns out of 10.

Finally, this album ties a few songs into the movie and shows us why we praise and feast in honor of the heavy metal gods. Dethklok is headed on a co-headline tour with Baby Metal. The tour has been dubbed as the BabyKlok tour. Tour dates are listed below as well as links to purchase tickets.

Always remember to rock out and geek out responsibly.

BABYKLOK Tour Poster Resized
Dani Barroso
Dani Barroso

Dani Barroso

In my spare time, I like to go on long walks with my dog Chewie, go to concerts, read comics, watch spoopy movies, and if time permits play some video games with the guys. For more about me, and my random adventures follow me on social media!

Be excellent to each other and always rock out.

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