A sequel to Bob Odenkirk’s action film NOBODY is in development.

Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk’s action movie Nobody was a punch to face full of entertainment. Odenkirk became a real action hero with this film and Derek Kolstad, who also wrote the John Wick films, wants to keep the train rolling by writing a sequel.

The news comes from Nobody director Ilya Naishuller who says, “There’s plenty of stories that can be told in this world, with the character Hutch. I know that [writer Derek Kolstad] has begun work on the sequel.” The director also says that the sequel will give Connie Nielsen, who plays Odenkirk’s wife in the story, more to do.

The sequel has yet to be given the official green light, but I think it’s safe to say that it’ll happen. Nobody was a solid hit. The film was made on a $16 million budget, and it ended up grossing $61.5 million worldwide.

In the original film, “Hutch Mansell fails to defend himself or his family when two thieves break into his suburban home one night. The aftermath of the incident soon strikes a match to his long-simmering rage. In a barrage of fists, gunfire, and squealing tires, Hutch must now save his wife and son from a dangerous adversary — and ensure that he will never be underestimated again.”


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