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Blood Commandment Delivers A Dark and Isolated Tale from Image Comics

Blood Commandment Delivers A Dark and Isolated Tale from Image Comics

Image Comics has announced Blood Commandment, a gripping horror miniseries illustrated by Szymon Kudrański, known for his extraordinary work on Spawn and Punisher. In this four-issue mini-series, readers will enter a tale of survival, sacrifice, and the unyielding power of hope.

Set to debut this November, Blood Commandment transports us to an isolated, shadowy valley nestled among mountains and dense forests, where a father and his son must confront a menacing supernatural presence.

Imagine a life lived on the fringes of society, far from civilization’s reach. Here, in the eerie quietude of the untamed wilderness, a father and his growing son face a daunting threat—an attacking vampire. The absence of external aid amplifies the urgency of their plight, leaving them with two choices: fight or flee. The narrative delves into the profound relationship shared by the father and son as they navigate their treacherous reality.

Regarding his latest creation, Kudrański shared:

“Through Blood Commandment, I explore the dynamics between a father and his maturing son, as they confront a peril that jeopardizes their existence. The story unfolds in a remote location surrounded by dense forests and majestic mountains. By revisiting the classic archetypes of vampires while infusing them with new dimensions, I aim to highlight the torment within these characters.

Their suffering is intrinsically bound to faith and the divine, deepening the narrative’s inherent tragedies. For readers eagerly anticipating my solo work as a creator, writer, and illustrator, Blood Commandment promises to evoke a myriad of emotions.”

Within the depths of this isolated valley, Ezra Connolly grapples with the challenges of solitary fatherhood, shouldering the immense responsibility with unwavering determination. Thriving in seclusion, they adapt to a life governed by their survivalist instincts. Yet, as Ezra fears divulging the secrets of his past and the reasons behind their twilight curfew, his curious son Wil seeks answers that may unveil their true identity.

Prepare to be captivated by the enthralling world of Blood Commandment—a haunting narrative of familial bonds, dark revelations, and an ever-present danger that lurks in the depths of the unknown. Mark your calendars for November and join us on this heart-pounding journey of horror and self-discovery.

Blood Commandment #1 will be available at your favorite local comic shop and digitally on November 1, 2023. Check out the trailer and preview below:

Jackie Daytona
Jackie Daytona

A variety geek who enjoys geeking out with friends over video games, comics, or movies/TV shows. An avid wrestling fan since the days of the Attitude Era and N64’s No Mercy, he now spends much of his time reading and collecting comics. All of my puns are intended.

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