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Blake Lively Set to Star in the Psychological Thriller WE USED TO LIVE HERE

Netflix Lands Reddit Psychological Thriller Novella ‘We Used To Live Here’ As Blake Lively Vehicle

Blake Lively

Blake Lively is set to star in and produce a new film project being produced by Netflix titled We Used to Live Here. The film is based on a psychological thriller novella written by Marcus Kliewer.

The novella was published as part of Reddit’s No Sleep feature, the story is about “returning to your old childhood home only to realize it is not quite what you remember. A homeowner gets a knock at her door while her partner is at work. It’s a husband, wife, and kids. They are peculiar, and the man says he once lived in the house and wanted to take a look around. The homeowner is just getting used to the old house herself, and things get progressively weirder as a snowstorm strands the visitors as they just won’t leave. The homeowner can’t get rid of them, and winds up sorry she ever opened the door as events progress.”

You can read the story on Reddit here.


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