Wolverine anthology TV series rumored to be in early development for Disney +.


According to That Hashtag Show‘s exclusive report, Marvel is in early development on an anthology-style Wolverine series for Disney+.

The report says that each season of Wolverine will,

“focus on a particular story within the Wolverine mythos.”

According to the report, not much else is known other than it will cover Wolverine’s origin story, his time in the Weapon X program and lead into what shapes him to become Wolverine.

There is no official confirmation on the series development, but I am sure fans have wondered when and how the mutant world of X-Men will enter the MCU and with everything that we have been through already in the MCU, the implications of their arrival could really add an interesting element to the MCU and give Marvel the opportunity to branch out into an even larger scale of storytelling.

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