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The One: Melissa Barrera Will Star in Erotic Nightmare Horror Film


The One: Melissa Barrera Will Star in “Erotic Nightmare” Horror Film

The One: Melissa Barrera Will Star in Erotic Nightmare Horror Film

The One: Melissa Barrera Will Star in Erotic Nightmare Horror Film

Melissa Barrera is set to star in the “erotic nightmare” horror film titled The One. THR reported that the reality-TV horror film will see Barrera star as a contestant on a reality dating show and finds herself as one of the final three contestants alongside Lana Condor and Riley Keough who also join the cast as they compete for the affection of Mason (Nicholas Hoult). The film takes a sinister turn as the facade of the reality TV romance scene fades and reveals the terror that comes from obsession and betrayal.

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The film’s official description reads:

“nightmarish horror about the romantic and psychological warfare waged by our beloved popular entertainment — and also begs the question… are we, the viewers, complicit?”

The film is helmed by Kevin Armento and Jaki Bradley who both also wrote the script for the film. Hoult will be producing the film alongside Whitaker Lader, Keough, and Gina Gammell.

Barrera has made a name for herself as our modern-day scream queen since starring alongside Jenna Ortega in Scream 5 and Scream 6 and is also set to star alongside Paul Bettany in the upcoming horror romantic comedy Your Monster. Hoult has been a name attached to many of our favorite films such as Warm Bodies, The Menu, and Renfield, and also portrays Beast in the X-Men films.

The cast within itself should gather the attention of fans and the premise of the film is certainly an original one that could be quite interesting to see explored as reality TV continues to be a vice for many viewers with an endless array of different series coming and going. It will be interesting to explore the possibility of terror and a more sinister reality behind the “reality”.


Stay tuned as more information becomes available.

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