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Newly Announced Spyro Statue Is A Collector’s Dream

Newly Announced Spyro Statue Is A Collector’s Dream.

Spyro Statue

We have a newly announced figure from First 4 Figures, a team that consistently puts out some of the sweetest video game collectibles. Available for preorder, the company’s new line-up of figures from Insomniac’s Spyro 2 are especially FIRE.

The new figure line features the 1999 PlayStation release, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage. The statue is modeled directly off Spyro’s appearance on the cover of the game, including raised right paw, forward lean, and a seeming mischief in his eyes. The statue exhibits immaculate color work, and realistic textures on Spyro’s scales, wings, claws, and more.

While Spyro himself appears the same in both versions, the trappings that surround the hero vary based on which version you choose to purchase. The more expensive definitive edition is set in a detailed resin base inspired by the portal seen near the end of the game (after taking out Ripto). The portal features light-up LED orbs and triangles. The whole PVC piece stands at 9 inches in height, and will put you back by $224.99, at least if you preorder during the “early bird” period that runs until August 11. After that, expect the price to move up to $249.99.

If you’re looking for a more affordable way to celebrate one of your childhood gaming buddies, the same statue is available through the exclusive edition, priced at $99.99 during early bird pricing, and $109.99 if you choose to wait until after August 11. The big difference here is the smaller base, which shows Spyro surrounded by fire. In this version, the figure can light up with LED lighting for a static flame effect, or an animated one, which makes it look like the fire is flickering.

Spyro Statue

Regardless of which version you select, and when you choose to order, estimated release for the new Spyro 2 figures is set for Q2 2022. 

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