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Sen Talks About Introducing Readers to the High-Octane World of Speed Switch

Sen Talks About Introducing Readers to the High-Octane World of Speed Switch

Sen Talks About Introducing Readers to the High-Octane World of Speed Switch

Blue Shift Games is set to bring a unique blend of genres to the all-new comic book series Speed Switch. The series follows Nex, a courier in the futuristic Sunset City. When he discovers he has a long-lost sister that also happens to be a contestant in one of the deadliest extreme races. Nex finds a way to enter the race and tries to help Ezri from the same fate as their parents who lost their lives in the races.

The series is co-written by Marvel and LEGO game producer, Sen and Fab Prize award winner Ramzee. The series features art by Shanefaced to bring this series to life which will appeal to fans of Jet Set Radio and The Warriors.

Speed Switch

Co-writer Sen caught up with us over email to talk about the upcoming series in which they share the “melting pot” of ideas that were brought in for the series that capture the creator’s personal passions.

Check out the full Q&A below:

GN: You pull from a ton of source materials that we love personally, with the nods to ‘The Warriors’, ‘Jet Set Radio’, and the race giving some possible nods to the likes of ‘Death Race’ and maybe a bit of ‘Rollerball’ even. How did you manage to take all these source materials to fuel your own creative outlet in bringing ‘Speed Switch’ to life?

Sen: There are so many nods! It’s really a melting pot of my own passions and experiences growing up, sprinkle a bit of homage to add flavour and you’ve got a recipe for something potentially cool. In all seriousness, I want to celebrate the great work that came before me whilst creating my own path. I’ve lived with the idea of Speed Switch for many years and I feel it’s time to share it with the world in comic form.

GN: I love the implementation of skateboarding in your story, especially as a comic. I am not sure I have seen this done before and I am completely in awe to see this come to life on the panels. What inspired this choice and what do you hope that will bring to ‘Speed Switch’ that readers may not have gotten before?

Sen: Thank you, I feel the same, looking back at when this all started as a video game concept, over time the idea continued to develop and became about so much more. I wanted to bring my vision to life and what better way than through comic books. Skateboarding, skating, and cycling have become an important part of all our lives, not just recreationally but as a serious form of transportation, as an example the gig economy.

To answer the second part of your question by creating this universe, it allows me to explore and connect all the different platforms and mediums to create a more immersive experience for different audiences.

GN: There are many layers to unpack in this story, with the futuristic, fast-paced Sunset City, to the discovery of Ezri, and the extreme race that literally puts Nex’s life on the line, and on top of all that, we have the mystery behind their parents’ death. What can you share with readers about how all these layers might be unveiled throughout the story?

Sen: Well I cannot say too much for obvious reasons, we only meet their parents for such a brief moment in time so there’s a lot to unpack there. You see more of Nex’s perspective of Sunset City in the first issue, so we will be diving deeper and unfolding these layers issue by issue.

GN: 14 years in the making with the help of two very talented creators. You mentioned that this story is much more than just action and violence. Can you share with readers more on what you hope readers can take away from ‘Speed Switch?’

Sen: By mirroring the current state of our society within Speed Switch we then create relatable characters who can inspire us to overcome great adversities whilst enjoying the ride.

Speed Switch #1 will be available on October 28. You can preorder the first issue HERE. For those fans in the London area, be sure to catch up with Sen at MCM Comic Con which takes play October 28-30.

Speed Switch #1

Source: Don’t Hide PR

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