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Specs: Horror Awaits At Your Doorstep This November

Specs: Horror Awaits At Your Doorstep This November

Specs: Horror Awaits At Your Doorstep This November

Boom! Studios has announced a new horror series titled Specs. The new series comes from all-star creators that include writer David M. Booher, artist Chris Shehan, and colorist Roman Stevens. In the new series, a group of teens mail-order a special pair of novelty glasses and soon realize they may have gotten much more than they expected as unforeseen abilities come to the teens of the small Ohio town.

The premiere issue will include main cover with art by Skylar Patridge and variant cover art by Shehan, Kevin Wada, David Talaski, and more.

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Boom! Studios‘ description of Specs reads:

“All that high school students Kenny and Ted want is to not feel like outcasts in their small town in Ohio. But their world is turned upside down when the Magic Specs they ordered unlock a world of unforeseen possibilities. . . and consequences. Their fun starts out innocent enough, but when they wish that their bully would disappear, things take a cursed turn, with far darker results than they thought possible…”

Booher shares their personal connection to this story, saying:

SPECS is my most personal story so far. As a gay kid who grew up in the Midwest, I know how it feels not to fit it. Kenny and Ted’s story as outsiders, filtered through the lenses of wish-granting novelty glasses, is my way of reminding that little kid that he’ll find his place in the world.”

Shehan praises Booher and teases the possible horror that awaits, saying:

“A story about a magic item that grants wishes… what could possibly go wrong? David Booher, as usual, poured a lot of heart into SPECS and bringing that to life has been such a joy for me.”

Specs #1 will be available at your favorite local comic shop and digitally this November. Check out the main cover by Patridge below:

Source: Boom! Studios

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