Return to the Deadside in SHADOW MAN: REMASTERED, on sale now for PC through Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.

shadow man remastered logo final

Nightdive Studios has resurrected the classic Valiant third-person shooter video game that allows players to control Michael LeRoi as he battles the forces of darkness to protect humanity from the terrors that lurk in the Deadside. In their review, IGN Entertainment called the original game “a dark, atmospheric, eerie journey that should be played alone, with the volume turned up and with the lights off.” 

This remastered version of the fan-favorite video game features 4K widescreen support, dynamic shadow mapping, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and much more, including never-before-seen content that was cut from the original ’90s game! Plus, there are more than 150 new hidden items scattered throughout the game.

SHADOW MAN: REMASTERED is available for purchase now on PC through Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation versions release later this year. SHADOWMAN #1, the new comic series that CBR’s Dan McMahon calls “horrifyingly good,” goes on sale April 28th wherever comics are sold.

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