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Reviewed by Weird - Earth's Mightiest Icon

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Reviewed by Weird – Earth’s Mightiest Icon

Reviewed by Weird – Earth’s Mightiest Icon

Over twenty years ago, the debut episode of American Idol graced our television screens for the very first time, and since then, the reality talent show genre has dominated the small screen, spinning off several different variations of the original concept in all different types of media.

Now, Peyton Freeman and Frank Yeiger are helping introduce the concept into comic book form with the introduction of their new series, Earth’s Mightiest Icon!

Here is the synopsis:

The Company, a global multimedia conglomerate has unveiled its latest venture: Earth’s Mightiest Icon! Hosted by Silk Sparrow and Zyre Nul. This reality television competition assembles a team of 6 extraordinary individuals who will compete to make a name for themselves as the most iconic hero in the world.

This series is designed to be driven by the viewer’s involvement. Reader voting will progress the narratives and determine the fates of the characters.

Classic comic book tropes will be factored into the series, with evil twin robots being one of the first ones.  The readers will be able to vote for their favorite characters, and the character with the lowest amount of votes will leave the “show.”  There will be winners at the end of the “season” as well as having new heroes be introduced, and all sorts of other exciting things. 

It will soon be available on GlobalComix to read for free, with the option of making donations to the official Patreon.  Patreon subscribers will also have cool added bonuses, like the ability to put logos on the characters similar to the way Nascar has logos on their vehicles, and you can keep those as long as you stay subscribed to the Patreon or until the particular hero gets voted off.

There will also be a tier where people can “hire” a character to do an in-world commercial that we will run in the web comic for their particular product, which will run as long as you are subscribed (limit 4 of those spots).

This is a very well-thought-out comic, and you can tell the amount of work and detail that has gone into this idea to make it work.  If you are a fan of these types of shows, definitely take the time to check out this brand-new comic by clicking this link!

Chris Dailey
Chris Dailey

A jack of many trades, but a master of none, Chris dabbles in many nerdy hobbies including toy collecting, reading comics, writing fiction, reading novels, and playing video games.  He’s also a huge wrestling fan, and knows more about it than most normal people should.  

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