Red Mother Series Finale Preview


From the first issue Jeremy Haun and Danny Luckert have displayed a new level of depth in the creep factor. They have done much more than given us much more than spooky words and scary panels. They took fear and turned it into a living being that escaped every time you opened an issue of Red Mother. As the story progressed so did the ambiance of fear they had introduced into any room we chose to read Red Mother. This series could have gone on for another 40 issues and it still would be as great as the first time I flipped open the cover to issue #1. I am both saddened and relieved to see a conclusion to the horrors and monsters, both internal and external, Daisy has had to face. She is a character you can’t help but to root for, and although I normally root for the bad guy, I’m really hoping to see Daisy walk out of this one.