dying light 2 collectors edition

With our new look at Dying Light 2: Stay human, we’ve got a closer view of the surrounding story; more backstory, and more dangers beyond the first game. Techland Games has previously confirmed that there are heavy consequences beyond just the obvious; some of them will even require more than one playthrough to see them come to full fruition. Players will be forced to make incredibly hard decisions in various no-win situations, decisions that will impact even the very world itself. Sometimes, these major consequences will even manifest at the very end of Dying Light 2, making it far too late for players to turn back time. 

In an already phenomenal universe, Techland has added more RPG elements to the sequel that blends with the parkour FPS style and creates an immersive adventure that can only be enjoyed in Dying Light 2. With a fully-fledged consequence system, surreal human interaction, and a variety of conversational options to choose from, Dying Light 2 has the potential to be a massive hit.

Techland is pioneering how devs look to develop games in the future with it’s consequence system that could be a parallel moving forward.

The latest gameplay video shows off more about what exactly the sequel has to offer. After a long drought without any news. This has alleviated many concerns that the sequel was stuck in development hell, though the road to get here hasn’t necessarily been paved with sunshine and roses. 

Perhaps the best news is that Dying Light 2: Stay Human finally has a release date. It’s coming December 7 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Check out the gameplay trailer below and get ready to suffer the consequences!

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