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Long Ago and Far Away 2: Son of Elvenwood Back With Another Fantasy Adventure

Long Ago and Far Away 2: Son of Elvenwood Back With Another Fantasy Adventure

White Cat Entertainment is back with an exciting new adventure! Long Ago and Far Away 2: Son of Elvenwood is now live on Kickstarter, inviting you to immerse yourself once again in the fantastical world of Elvenwood.

Written by Chris Mancini, the acclaimed author of Rise of the Kung Fu Dragon Master, and brought to life with stunning art and colors by Fernando Pinto (known for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mechaton) and letters by Troy Peteri (of Spider-Man, X-Men, and Robin fame), this 90-page full-color original graphic novel is the long-awaited sequel to the beloved Long Ago and Far Away.

In this continuation, the story revolves around Jason, our hero who faced a perilous adventure with the Witch Queen in the first installment. However, a surprising twist awaits him as he discovers he now has a son named Lord Stone. Due to the time difference in Elvenwood, Lord Stone is actually 20 years older than Jason!

Lord Stone finds himself being pursued by the formidable Northern Necromancers, who are wreaking havoc and raising the dead in their quest to retrieve a stolen artifact—a sacred Blood Dagger that Lord Stone has used to obtain some much-needed mead money.

Nexis, unable to protect Lord Stone, sends him to Jason’s world to save his life. Now, Jason must return to Elvenwood to confront the dangerous Northern Necromancers, fend off hordes of undead, safeguard coveted artifacts, and maintain the fragile alliance between the Elves and the Witch Queen. All this while facing his most challenging adventure yet: fatherhood.

According to Chris Mancini, crafting this sequel was a joyous experience as he delved back into the world of Elvenwood and its enchanting characters. Through the realm of high fantasy, Mancini explores the themes of growing up and adulthood, questioning whether Jason can successfully transition from man-child to devoted father. Adding an extra layer of complexity, Jason must now face his son, who is armed with a sword and seemingly determined to end his life in a hotel room.

Fernando Pinto, the artist behind the series, expressed his excitement for reentering this world and rediscovering the dynamics between the cast, the humor, and the gripping action. Pinto compares the experience to revisiting high school, but with the added anticipation of uncovering what these characters have been up to.

Long Ago and Far Away is not the only work that has made Mancini the creator he is today. He is also known for his book Pacify Me: A Handbook for the Freaked-Out New Dad published by Simon and Schuster. He is the filmmaker behind Ear Buds: The Podcasting Documentary from Comedy Dynamics and has hosted podcasts such as The Quiet Journeys of Professor Atwood, Conversations From the Abyss, and Comedy Film Nerds.

Head over to Kickstarter and pledge your sword to Long Ago and Far Away 2: Son of Elvenwood today.

Jackie Daytona
Jackie Daytona

Jackie Daytona

A variety geek who enjoys geeking out with friends over video games, comics, or movies/TV shows. An avid wrestling fan since the days of the Attitude Era and N64’s No Mercy, he now spends much of his time reading and collecting comics. All of my puns are intended.

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