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Heart Attack Review

Heart Attack Review

Heart Attack Review

Heart Attack Review
Writer: Shawn Kittelsen
Artist: Eric Zawadzki
Colorist: Mike Spicer
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Publisher: Skybound Entertainment

281 pages. Initially, my heart sank. Dare I say, I almost had a HEART ATTACK! Sabrina, the girl who always grabs the books with the most pages. Not like I had any plans, but my ADD brain goes on twenty adventures while reading a book and only one of them is the actual book. I sit down and start reading. Ugh. I need to get up and stretch. Probably only 20 pages in. Nope, 75. Wait, what? Yeah. That’s called a page-turner. 

Give me a book with X-Men vibes and you’ll get my undivided attention. No yellow spandex here, but it does give a look at what the non-affiliated abnormalities go through. Called Freebodies, powers vary. Fear, a lack of understanding, and society as a whole make them outcasts. Police detain them just for who they are, curfews are strictly enforced by drones, and all in all, it’s better to be a nobody than a somebody. 

Introducing Charlie. A freebody who by his own admission can barely create enough heat to warm his own hands. Ward of Child Services who, you guessed it, treats Freebodies worse than anything, is a nobody. A chance meeting with Jill, a Freebody media personality with tactile telekinesis, sends Charlie’s world spinning. Together they take on the world of injustice to create a safer place for Freebodys and normals alike. 

The story of Heart Attack is both beautiful, familiar, yet unique at the same time. The art is a bit questionable in spots but not so much as to ruin the moment. The use of color gives the cold city the warmth that can only come from a population of beings buzzing with life. Though based in a fantasy world, the book feels like it touches on current events in a way that tugs at your heartstrings. We’re all Freebodies, after a fashion.

Sabrina A. Clark
Sabrina A. Clark

Sabrina A. Clark

Do I know Sabrina? Sabrina…Sabrina….Oh, you mean her? Yeahh. She’s wild. Homegirl throws solo dance parties in her bedroom. She writes like nobody’s reading…because they aren’t (yet). She is an award-winning baker and has seen every episode of every season of ALL the Star Treks, and Stargates except Stargate Universe because it wasn’t right. Perpetual teenager. 4’11 of sass and sarcasm. She’s obsessed with cats. Single if you can believe it. All around nerd, and just too weird for her own good. AND SHE’S PROUD OF IT? 

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